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Wedding Photography

Traditional Photography

We aim for timeless, understated elegance. Trends come and go, but overly stylized images can quickly become dated. We shoot the feeling of each particular wedding day , We don’t shoot what it looks like , we shoot what it feels like so that our photographs will still hold their power in 25 years. We believe weddings should be meaningful and memorable, not perfect.

What we care most about is connecting with the person on the other side of the lens to bring out genuine warm emotions throughout the event. This translates into our ability to incorporate live ceremonies like dwarchar, jaimal ,fere ,vidai etc.. into a timeless story that emphasizes the personality of each client.


Candid Photography

We pose the way we want to be seen by others, but stolen shots are better because it captures who we really are.

Wedding photography is a delicate job. We witness situations that require tact and good judgment. Trust between client and photographer is crucial, Our best photographs come out of honest emotions, not our direction. True moments are more powerful than forced sentimentality.

We shoot weddings from inside the party, not detached from it. We are subtle and invisible when we need to be, then very visible when necessary, we leave minimal footprints during live events so as to not distract the guests , we quietly shoot the event as it naturally unfolds.



Cinematography is an art. It blends shooting creativity with storytelling. The wedding trailers you see on our website and blog are all shot with a cinematic style. We start out at the beginning of each wedding with a blank canvas and fill that blank canvas with all sorts of moments. When we shoot cinematically, we capture a moment (the bride and the groom smiling at each other, a guest wiping her tears, etc.) and then move around to get other interesting/creative angles. While our cinematographers are moving around to capture those different angles and perspectives, this technique allows us to get those interesting shots that make your wedding film unique and interesting to watch.

When it comes time to edit your wedding film, all those moments we captured are then interwoven into a seamless storyline of your day. creating a visual masterpiece of moving imagery.


Event Shooting

We shoot the live events, shooting great wedding videos. We shoot the stunning videos for your special day without missing any precious moment of your big day. The shooting of the wedding is performed as per subtle scripts that have been pre planned.

Wedding videography is the latest avatar of regular video making of the ceremonies of the wedding. We do not hand over a recording of your wedding rather we put in our best efforts in the shooting the video of wedding. Shoots the video in wedding story where your partner is a hero.