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Date- 18-4-2021

There are increased number of the Indian traditional wedding have been unfortunately postponed in last few months due the global Coronavirus or COViD-19 pandemic. Although some of the respective couples are simultaneously putting their best day or wedding day on the hold and many of them are being forced consider the alternative options like the virtual weddings or simply planning a small and intimate wedding ceremony with a small number of close family members by their respective sides. Also with the uncertainty duration of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and there more and more couples are respectively getting married in the simple, intimate ceremonies that are just only about them. Even with the lockdown relaxations, simply one cannot risk with the safety measures to be undertaken.

Many of the couple still want to enjoy their wedding session as much as they can and most of them are now organizing pre-wedding shoots too. And with no doubts and it also does not matters that how big or small the wedding ceremonies is pre and post wedding shoots have completely become more quite the normal specially with the couples. With large number of rituals, and traditionally following all those, pre and post wedding shoots are completely the best and unique way a couple can really enjoy the special moment. Although as per the current situation the pandemic has completely changed it more frightenedly especially with exact limited number of the guests and a couple can now really focus on the kind of pre and post wedding shoots which will be the best moment captured forever. If you are still wondering on how to simply make the best of this time and situation. The most important thing for successful pre wedding shoot is first and foremost pick a genuine theme with the specific pandemic and also choose that particular theme which clearly needs a less manpower and which can be more done easily. Also explore an option which can be more executed in your specific garden by using the different props although you have to simply think smart and safe options for the better enjoyment of the specific moment. Also having a pre-wedding shoot at your specific home area which is quite challenging and fun, you can let your specific imagination run more ultimately the excellent photographs at your home. Doing this you will completely be safe from the waves of the Coronavirus Pandemic.