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We are one of the leading wedding photography and film making company based in the heart of Lucknow i.e. Hazratganj, at Janpath Complex, Ashok Marg, established since "97".

It all started in the summer of "97" when a 22 years young slender boy from the narrow lanes of old Lucknow decided to pursue his passion against all odds and make it his livelihood. Since then Vijay Studio has come a long way, the innovative team of father and son still scaling new heights, with a perfect blend of youth and experiences.

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Photo Studio in Lucknow


Years Of Experience

Vijay Studio a prominent name in domain of photography they are experts in photography business since they are having a solid record of 22 years under their belt. They give different kinds of photography services like still photography, candid, glamour, portrait, and wedding.

Why Choose Us

It requires dedication to the job at hand for staying so many years in the market, our good work is the basis of our name, and this dedication of our quality comes from our love for our work.


Our Mission

The mission of Vijay Studio is to make every photograph valuable as the moment that are captured are priceless so the focus of Vijay Studio is deliver superb quality pictures . Our motivation to d a greater job is evident in our style of work and results.

Our Vision

Creating so perfect a picture that can fulfill all criteria of critics and experts, taking it to the level that a photograph becomes a living entity, it becomes charismatic. So that it can make the person looking at it amazed.


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